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Bathroom mirror ideas...

Our bathroom is a space where relaxing, unwinding or even winding ourselves up before a night out are in order and we want to experience a touch of luxury whenever we spend that short moment in there.

Have you been thinking about your Bathroom mirror and wondering,

"What am I going to do with that space?"

Gradient Designs and Remer mirrors have you covered! Remer mirrors make gorgeous high quality Bathroom mirrors for residential spaces.

The beautiful oval mirrors shown in the image above have built in Bluetooth capabilities, lighting and an in-built demister! Gone are the days where we grab the hand towel and wipe away until we can see ourselves, this is such a simple idea but a wow one in our opinion at Gradient Designs.

The front and back lighting means that you can feature your favourite wall tile whilst also having face on lighting for make up application, genius!

Book one of our FREE 15min Interior Design consultations and have a chat with us to see what mirror would best suit your space!

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