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Cook tops... where do we begin?

Cooking is a very important aspect of every home. There are thousands of options with hundreds of local brands which each offer their own functions, aesthetic and build quality.

Interior Design is not only focussed on the look and feel of the space but also how it operates and how easy it is to use and live with day to day.

Are you appliance shopping and don't know where to start?

Think about things like:

How big your cookware is and what items will fit on the cook top you're looking at?

What finishes do you have in the kitchen and throughout the home?

Do you prefer cooking with gas, electric, induction or ceramic?

How much time do you spend cooking and what have you budgeted for the fittings?

Are you selling the home and want that wow factor?

Book in your Interior Design Consultation with Gradient Designs and lets have a chat about your kitchen project!

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