Bonus rooms and why they are a good idea

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Whether you live in your forever home or planning to sell your place, maximising the space you have will always pay dividends. In this market it is always about size and location, we can't always control the location of where we buy but we can do our best to expand, make room and even ADD another room to maximise the value of our property. This is especially important in the Melbourne market.

As you can see below the Interior Designer has worked out a way to add a semi formal living area to this house. A gorgeous tonal paint along with stylish furniture and eye catching lighting could be the reason how this property owner has been able to add $100k-$200k to their asking price!

It is a strong misconception that Interior Design costs an arm and a leg, in fact Interior Design is all about smart thinking which in turn can actually save you money and maximise profits come sale time.

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