• Andrew Paulusz

I'm BLUE! The art of introducing colour to your Bathroom space..

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Do you love colour but are scared that you will get over it in a year or so?

Timberline vanities have you covered! Australian born Timberline has risen up from the depths of boring and drab offerings from common brands on the market. They have created a range which is far superior to what has been out there for years in a tasteful, exciting and bold way like the amazing royal blue colour in the image.

Timberline have the ability to create custom coloured vanities which won't cost you much more than a standard finish.

Gold is very in at the moment so why not do as the Royals do and go all out on some brass or gold fittings, brushed of course!

Contact Gradient Designs to find out how to explore their range and arrange an in home Interior Design session to create a colour combination that not only pops but will stand the test of time..

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