• Andrew Paulusz

LESS IS MORE... But is it really?

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Furniture placement, form, scale and finish is so important when it comes to creating that dream space! It is important to have a focus or a focal point for the space and make sure that each and every piece some how speaks to that design aesthetic.

A great example of where scale has not been thought out is when you are faced with a small space with small furniture. No doubt we have all heard someone say, "The room isn't big so I need a small sofa" WRONG!

This is why its a great idea to get help from an Interior Designer. The eye is drawn to proportion and psychologically tells us if a space is on the small side or if it is broad and has lots of room to spare.

If you have a smaller space, large area rugs and decor will actually benefit the overall look and will enhance the notion of space, lets all avoid the DOLL HOUSE TRAP!

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