• Andrew Paulusz

Building your first home? Renovating or refreshing your space and need help with finishes?

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Finishes selection for new Henley Homes build
Selection created by Gradient Designs

Are you building your first home or are you trying to create a dream home and don't know where to start?

Hiring an Interior Designer can be the best way to help nail your next project.

The selection shown above was created by Andrew, our Director of Interior Design at Gradient Designs. Tonal textures and bold expressions, this gorgeous pallet was created over a day at the Henley Selections Center in Glen Waverley. Melbourne VIC.

Our client, a newlywed couple had been saving for their first home and decided to go with Henley Homes as their chosen home builder. They assigned Gradient Designs the task of guiding them through the luxury selection center and everyone enjoyed the process. Andrew met up with the clients one Saturday morning and guided the couple around the center taking room by room, discussing the couple's needs, and building up a colour and finishes pallet that was not only practical but stylish and bold.

The clients left the meeting feeling empowered about their custom designer look and as you can see, it was a stand out selection! Book your Interior Design consultation for assistance selecting interior finishes for your home.

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