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White tapware.. How do WE feel about it?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

We have all seen glimpses in shops, magazines and editorials but how do we feel about white tap ware?

We absolutely LOVE white tap ware at Gradient Designs!

Shown in this image is a gorgeous white kitchen mixer fitting by @Oliveri. Notice how the white softens the space and adds a real air of sophistication to the vibe. The white contrasts so well with the stainless steel sink by @Franke and chrome garnishes of the kitchen mixer.

We feel it teams back so well with the white base in the stone bench top by @Caesarstone too.

Totally white tap ware adds a quirky detail to a neutral space as it outlines the fixture in a interesting way but doesn't introduce colour or shine like a lot of finishes do on the market for eg. brushed bronze, nickel and gun metal looks..

We also love those finishes so don't take that the wrong way :)

@Gessi and @Oliveri make incredible tap ware and are two of our favorite brands on the Melbourne market at the moment. Contact one of our Interior Designers to book in your kitchen and bathroom meeting today.

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